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Decorating … show your wild side !

June 15, 2010 by admin  
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To avoid a boring look, change your decorating style in the middle of a room. Consider adding one element of surprise in each space.

Sometimes you walk into a room that is perfectly decorated, only to get the feeling that things are just “too perfect.” Sometimes all that’s needed is a little surprise–something that doesn’t really belong but adds a touch of whimsy.

In this type of situation, I like to add the unexpected.

In a perfectly traditional room with matching sofas, matching end tables, matching side chairs, and matching lamps, consider adding something ultra modern. A modern painting, a minimalist chair or table, or a contemporary sculpture could be just what’s needed to jolt your eye away from the boring.

In a very contemporary interior with stark white walls, black furniture, sleek and smooth surfaces, try a textured area rug in fuscia, add a bold-patterned pillow on a chair, place a pair of classic silver candlesticks and colored candles or a traditional floral arrangement on a dining room table. Just something enough to break the tedious look of everything matching.

Apply these principles to your window dressing choices !! have fun.. be wild and creative !


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